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Image by Scott Webb
Candice Nicolo
Clinical Psychologist
M.A (Clin.Psych, UCT)
HPCSA reg: PS 0143138
BHF Practice nr: 0904368


Life can be challenging at times, and leave one feeling alone, misunderstood and frustrated.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I believe that healing can happen through empathic and supportive relationships.

My role is to help you feel connected to yourself and others, allowing for a process of meaningful growth.

I practice within a relational frame, as I believe that we develop into the people we are through our relationships throughout our lives. These experiences can lead to positive and negative outcomes.

I am aware that everyone's life experiences and challenges are unique, and as such I draw on various modalities in order to provide tailored care.

Asking for help can feel overwhelming, but I believe that reaching out shows courage and strength. Through providing a safe and supportive therapeutic space, an understanding of your needs and means to overcome  the challenges you face, can be gained.




When working with children I often work within a systemic approach. Children exist within various systems, such as the family, school and community system. At times, challenges with the child may point to difficulty within these systems. Intervention may at times extend to these systems to improve the functioning of the child.

I am currently only working with children aged 13 and above.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy is provided for individuals in the form of either brief or longer term therapy, depending on the individual needs of the client. Through creating a safe, supportive and confidential space, client's naturally tend to feel safer to engage with the challenges that lead them to therapy.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging. When individuals merge in a relationship they bring their unique experiences into the relationship. This can lead to conflict and create dysfunctional ways of functioning. Couple's therapy explores the relationship and the challenges experienced with the aim of bringing about an awareness of these ways of functioning in the relationship, and creating new and healthier ways of relating.

078 854 2829 (WhatsApp only)
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